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Wardrobe Cabinet

When it comes to beautifully organising all your belongings, Epic has an extensive range of innovative storage solutions to give everything from suitcases to socks a home. Your Epic Design Consultant will help you choose just the right mix of rails, shelves, racks and luxury drawers. We use the best quality, most practical and robust materials for the job in hand. Below specification is a breakdown of which materials are used for the individual parts of our wardrobes.

  • Wardrobe for sloping ceilings
  • Alcovers
  • Under Stairs
  • Bay windows
  • High Ceilings
  • Landings&hallways

We also provide Delivery & Installation & Renovation service.


Materials and features:


• High quality, deep routering fibreboard is used on the doors in the Signature and Essence collections
• A modern material, valued for its ability to create a smooth routed and detailed design
• Extremely solid and robust, this material is ideal for large furniture pieces because the board doesn’t warp or change shape
• The deep router grade board allows for the board to be profiled with a high finish
• Material meets Australian forestry sustainability standards


• Particleboard is used for the parts of the furniture which are cut in your home such as side panels and facings
• It is covered with a material to match the doors including real wood veneers in the real wood collection, and melamine in the other ranges
• It is the best material to use on site as it is lightweight, it cuts easily and cleanly and doesn’t produce as much dust as to other materials
• Highly controllable modern material, can be precisely cut around covings, skirting boards and period features, ensuring a perfect fit
• The highly adaptable nature of the board allows side panels to be scribed right up to the walls, leaving no ugly gaps
• Particleboard doesn’t warp or distort over time ensuring that the product keeps its shape
• Material meets Australian forestry sustainability standards

Extra Service:

We also provide Delivery & Installation & Renovation service.


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