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Divided Sliding Door

Divided doors showcase our superior craftsmanship. Multiple division styles to choose from. Panel material can be mirror, timber or glass. Stylish and timeless.

Division Styles:

  • 2 Panels, Equal Split
  • 3 Panels, Equal Split
  • 3 Panel, Narrow Middle
  • 3 Panel, Narrow Band – Top
  • 3 Panel, Narrow Band – Bottom

Extra Service

We also provide Delivery & Installation & Renovation service.




Our Range& Colour:

Material Range includes: Mirror, Vinyl, Gyprock, Grooved Panel and White MDF Doors

Timber Panel Door Range

Divided Sliding Door Range

Specialty Glass & Mirror Door Range

Tracks and frames colour more than 13 options


Our frame and track systems are custom made of an aluminum alloy containing copper which is strengthened through heat-treating. Our powder -coated and anodized solutions provide a durable and ever-lasting finish to the profiles without deterioration.

Perfectly Secure & Safety

An anti-jump feature, which is incorporated in the design-registered head channel spacers, ensures the panels cannot jump the track and provides quiet rattle-free operation.

Also, Rubber infill buffers prevents surface contact and provides for a soft-close feature. Moreover, facilitates smooth and minimalistic appearance.

Smooth Roller Gliding

Our bottom 41mm diameter rollers are manufactured from galvanized steel metal with an adjustable bracket. This ensures a quiet operation along the entire track system. The open design provides an easy cleaning and prevents dust accumulation attributing to the ever- lasting durability.

Extra Service

We also provide Delivery & Installation & Renovation service.




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